TACoS (Hofmann and Schupp), a tool for synthesizing controllers satisfying MTL specifications of undesired behavior with timing constraints is a product of this project. The project was initiated by Till Hofmann in the course of the UnRAVeL Research Training Group which we were both part of.

The tool started as an implementation of the theoretical works from Bouyer et al.. During this project, we extended this theoretical work towards practical application. The most notable features include: Online labeling to terminate early if a solution has been found, heuristic search to expand the most promising nodes first, search graph pruning to reduce the problem size by pruning irrelevant parts of the search graph, and reusing previously explored search nodes to further reduce the search graph. Finally, multi-threading support allows to make use of modern CPUs with many parallel threads.

TACoS comes with a C++ library with minimal external dependencies and simple-to-use API. It has been additionally published in Science of Computer Programming (Hofmann and Schupp).


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