I am happy to announce that our paper (Schupp et al.) that summarizes our findings of a joint project with Ford Motor Company will appear at STTT. In this project, we analyzed the applicability of a subset of currently available analysis tools for hybrid systems from the perspective of the automotive industry.


Traditionally, extensive vehicle testing is applied to assure the robustness and safety of automotive systems. This approach is highly challenged by increasing system complexity. Formal verification lends a powerful framework for model-based safety assurance, but due to the mixed discrete-continuous behavior of automotive systems, traditional tools for discrete program verification are helpful but not sufficient.

In academia, during the last two decades new approaches raised for the formal verification of such mixed discrete-continuous systems. However, the industry is not fully aware of this development, the tools are seldomly tried and their applicability is not well examined. In a Ford-RWTH research alliance project, we aimed at evaluating the potential of knowledge and technology transfer in this area.

This paper has two main objectives. Firstly, we want to report on the state-of-the-art in the above-mentioned academic development in a generally understandable form, targeted to interested potential users. Secondly, we want to share our observations after testing different available tools for their applicability and usability in the automotive sector and as a conclusion devise some recommendations.


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